Visitors to a classroom- your views needed

As members of the Church we often have requests for people to go into schools to talk about the Church and their faith. We feel it would be useful to draw up a list of guidelines for the selection of suitable ambassadors and also for what they should do/ talk about. Some of this may be Key Stage dependent, but what general guidelines would you like to see.

For example it may be that local members should be used rather than missionaries, or that the Saviour should be the main focus, with an explanation of the First Vision. These are only discussion starting points- what do you think?


One Response to Visitors to a classroom- your views needed

  1. Peter Vousden says:

    I would agree with leaving missionaries out of this. I took an LDS youth group to a local synagogue and it was brilliant because; 1. the chap speaking to us was warm, friendly and funny. 2. he described some religious rituals and was prepared to speak of the differences Judaism offers.

    Can I suggest we try to provide warm, friendly, funny differences.

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