Visitors to a classroom- your views needed

As members of the Church we often have requests for people to go into schools to talk about the Church and their faith. We feel it would be useful to draw up a list of guidelines for the selection of suitable ambassadors and also for what they should do/ talk about. Some of this may be Key Stage dependent, but what general guidelines would you like to see.

For example it may be that local members should be used rather than missionaries, or that the Saviour should be the main focus, with an explanation of the First Vision. These are only discussion starting points- what do you think?


Special Educational Needs- a couple of links

Nasen have published an outline of what has been proposed for the development of SEN provision and their response. Interesting reading for teacher’s of any age and subject:

There are also some training materials for teachers of learners with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties available that teachers may find of use: